About Us

Pharmacy Overview

Umang Pharmacy is one the leading pharmacy retail chains in India emerging into the Hospital Sectors to facilitate patients fulfilling their emergency needs as well as the medicines as prescribed inside the hospital premises. In line with all rules and regulations and under strict supervision of hospital authority, we are committed to achieve and maintain excellent standards of pharmaceutical care to deliver the right medicines with best price. We strive to be the best pharmacy practice in India, and to be recognized as such, by setting the highest standards of best healthcare practice. We continually seek ways to improve our offering and services, we deliver to our clients.

Vision and Aspiration

"To set up in India, a world class retail network of health shops providing comprehensive solutions under one roof; managed by a team of dedicated professionals to ensure quality products and value added services, which are preventive, curative and supportive, in maintaining the "Complete Health Store" for the society at large. The Company is driven by its vision to achieve significant business in retail medicine sector. It aspires to be amongst one of the largest chains of retail shops in India."


To be one of India's leading retail company in the Organized "Health Care" retail space with a strong reputation for quality, integrity and superior customer services being delivered from fully integrated health & wellness pharmacy stores across India. We believe in creating a pool of motivated directors, nurtured smiling employees and in teeming with satisfied customers.

How We Work?

We believe in providing high quality, authentic and 100% genuine products to our customers. We have a highly skilled set of employees who regularly performs the quality check.

Authenticity of Drugs and Other Health Products

  • All the medicines and other health care products being sold at Umang Pharmacy are purchased from their authorized companies and its distributors. This rule out spurious, duplicate and expired drugs completely for safe-guarding the interest and health of customers.

Inventory Control System

  • All our inventory is centrally managed by highly skilled workers. These skilled workers are dedicated to maintain sufficient stock, dispose of any damaged/expired medicines and other inventory control processes.

Point of Sale

  • To minimize the customer's wait time we use latest POS technologies. All our transactions are computerized and all our products are bar-coded. With the help of these technologies and with experienced salesman we are capable enough to handle a huge number of customers at a given time span.
  • We are strictly conforming to the doctor's prescriptions and dispensing the prescriptions in full. Even if one or two items are not readily available, arrangements are made to procure the same from nearest vendors and supply to customers.